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updates done

This post was updated on .
November 3, 2010
18:44 - replaced poll for a better one
21:00 - added new videos to the site

November 4, 2010
7:16  -added 10 songs to playlist
        -stopped music from autoplaying in the video section
        -added music to forum
23:25 -removed some annoying mouse-over sounds

November 5, 2010
18:50 - -removed some sounds and added effects to a couple of pictures

November 6, 2010
-remade the whole site using "mini-pages" instead of normal pages, making it possible for the music to keep playing while browsing through pages. Also, loading times should be shorter and the backgrounds on all
pages are fixed.
-fixed a glitch making the signup page appear in front of all the others
-The buttons to hidden pages no longer appear when moving your mouse to the right of the forum button.
-fixed links to signup, games we play, photo and video pages
-added kip fact to signup page
-added redbery's war quote #2
-redbery's war quotes are now red instead of blue
-made the kipteam banner grow less when hovering mouse over it
-added youtube icon on top of site, brings you to our youtube page when clicked

November 13, 2010
-Added lots of new videos to the site
-Changed the layout of the "video" page

November 14, 2010
-Updated the "Home" and "About" page, since Black Ops has been out for a while now

November 16, 2010
-Added our new member to the website
-Removed some annoying mouse-over sounds

November 17, 2010
-Redid the "members" page, to make space for new members to join
-Added our two new members to the "members" page
-Fixed an ugly blue line showing on the top left of the website

November 28, 2010
-Killafornia42069 is now schooled!

December 3, 2010
-Added the war page

January 16, 2011
Cleared old, inactive members from the members list, added jesserule073

September 18, 2011
-Danielpf1 added to clan
-Cleared inactive clan members
-Updated the "Home", "About" and "games we play" pages

September 28, 2011
-Added Dead Island video to homepage
-Updated "About" page
-Completely reworked the media, photo and video pages
-Added various new photos and videos to the site
-Temporarily hid "War us" page

October 9, 2011
-Changed banner color
-Replaced Black Ops slideshow by one of Battlefield 3
-Added steam community button to our website banner

October 10, 2011
-Foster the people album added to song playlist

November 3, 2011
- Added Battlelog button to website banner
- Further changed website to match our new main PS3 game, Battlefield 3
- Updated join form to have a bigger variety of answers to pick for certain questions

November 6, 2011
-Updated "Home" page intro
-Updated "About" page story
-Games now show their correct platform on the "Games we play" page
-Updated clan requirements on "Join us" page

November 7, 2011
-Brought some major changes to the rank system
-Tweaked the forum a bit

April 29, 2012
-Added Blackv!per to the clan roster
-Added twitter and myspace button
-Rank information screen at the "members" page starts on the "1. FNG" rank now
-Fixed the join form

August 27, 2012
-Adjusted clan info to our once again main interest: CS:S
-Added CS:GO to Games we play
-Added K!PTeam CS:S and vent servers to Games we play page
-Added Gametracker icon to top of website
-Adjusted clan requirements

August 28, 2012
-Added CS:S and vent server banner to homepage
-Updated rank information
-Adjusted clan requirements
-Added "CS:S skill" tab to signup forum

-Updated rank information
-Remade forum layout
-Added shoutbox to forum page
-Added our Vent server to forum page

-Split "Members" page into seperate "ranks" and "clan members" pages
-Updated member signup form
-Updated clan requirements
-Remade member roster
-Made Gametracker icon shoot out stars when mosued-over
-Slighty improved site stability by removing FX
redbery redbery
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Re: updates done

with the choice customization :D
You got owned by a redbery!!!