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General chat 0 topics
Archive 2 topics
Archive 2 topics
How to join our Ventrilo server 0 replies Guides
Post CS:S match results here 2 replies Match results
Rank permissions 0 replies Rank info
Welcome 0 replies Welcome
New to K!PTeam? Please read this! 1 topic
K!Play: Saints Row 2 (Dutch) 0 replies Youtube
De_nuke map+callouts 0 replies Map location callouts
Re: Jet flying tutorial 0 replies Battlefield 3
Re: Jet flying tutorial 1 reply Battlefield 3
Borderlands 0 replies Borderlands
Other games 4 topics
How to get GSC up and running and join our voice channel 0 replies Archive
De_train map+callouts 0 replies Map location callouts
De_inferno map+callouts 0 replies Map location callouts
Grenade tactics 0 replies Tactic guides
Basic awping guide 0 replies Tactic guides
How to take out awpers 1 reply Tactic guides