How to look for a mix on mIRC

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How to look for a mix on mIRC

mIRC is our main way of practising clan warring to get ready for the real deal in the future. But how does one make use of this program?

First time setup
1. Download mIRC for free at
2. After installing, open up the program.
3. Hit continue if you see a screen telling you about a trial. Don't worry, you'll still be able to use this program after your trial expires.
4. Fill in a nickname, alternative, and name. Hit ok.

5. Click the favorites button on the top left part of the screen, and click "add" on the right when the favorites window pops up.

6. Fill in:
*Channel: #1on1.css or #2on2.css or #3on3.css, etc.
*Networks: quakenet (hit the "add" button below to select it)

I recommend repeating this process for all the channels from #1on1.css up to #6on6.css

Looking for a war
1. On the main mIRC screen, click the favorites button on the top left part.
2. Select your channel of choice and click the "join" button on the right
3. An example of a line to type when searching:
"3on3": amount of people playing
"low": skill level you're looking for
"on": playing on your own server, "off" if looking for a match on someone else's
"dd2": map to be played on, in this case de_dust2
4. If you see someone you want to war, start a private chat by right clicking their name and clicking "query"

5. If you started private chat, ask: "play?"
   |->If answer is yes: either ask "ippw?" (server ip and password) if playing off, or send your own info if playing on.
6. Server info is to be sent either to your clannies (if off) or opponent (if on) in the following way:
"connect; password kipteampcw" (without the quotes)
This is to make sure both parties are able to connect asap, as this line can be copy pasted into the console to connect to the game immediately.

The long road to finding a match is finally over, congratulations. Once you get used to it however, finding a match more than a couple seconds. No worries there ^^
Good luck & have fun!