How to get GSC up and running and join our voice channel

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How to get GSC up and running and join our voice channel

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Having a voice channel to use on PC can always come in handy, as not everyone has a PS3 mic clear enough to properly speak with other people, while even most cheaper PC headsets are usually pretty clear.
Also, voicechat doesn't work quite like it should on most PS3 games, which makes using tactics pretty much impossibe. For PC players, voicechannels are basically a place to hang out at with other clan members :)

We use GSC for the sake of it being a free, but pretty advanced voice channel. Although some people are having problems with this program, such as mics not being detected or not being able to hear other people speak, it does the job just fine for us. Here's a short tutorial I wrote on how to join our voice channel.

2. Download and install the 32 bit version, as 64 bit and mac OS are not supported at the time.
3. Once you're done installing, open up the program.
4. Either create an account (age of 13+ required) or log in using an existing one.
5. Click the "Voice" tab
6. Click the "Add" button on the bottom left, then click "by IP adress"
7. Enter the following information and hit ok: -IP:
8. Join our channel by double clicking the "K!PTeam's secret base" button.
9. (optional) Configure your settings by going to Audio > Audio settings (The settings for the entire program will be here, not just for audio )